1 hour death bans, 2 lives

We take death a little more seriously. After your first death, you respawn – after the second, you’re banned for 1 hour. Dying is not a shortcut for getting your health back, it’s a direct consequence of your decisions.

Hide Your Fire players tend to play more conservatively, and we think this adds to the feeling of realism.

paper money

– coming soon –

Looking to trade goods with other players? Sure, you can barter – but you can also use paper money.

Best way to get money is by mob bounties. Killing mobs will usually get you their head. Take these heads to a server city, and show them to the constable. They’ll give you a few bucks per head, and boom – you’ve got cash.

Use that cash to buy from other players, or from server shops supplying food, armor, horses, whatever.

let there be monsters

Our mobs have levels. They have hit points, and can fight mean. Be careful.

inventory weight

Hide Your Fire makes you take the weight into consideration. If you need to carry a ton of cobble or stone, you’ll need a donkey – or a railway system.

Each item you add to your player inventory makes you progressively heavier.

Check your current weight with

/iw check

brew it up, baby

Brewing here is somewhat difficult. Learn the art of brewing through fermenting, distilling and barrel aging.

Experience how from spring water and wheat, through hard work, a cool beer is created.

Distill high-proof liquor, which gets that unique taste after some aging in oak barrels.

Celebrate the biggest feasts you can imagine and always keep the cheerful atmosphere.

Fill the taverns with laughter and loud music, while the drunkards scuffle on the streets.

Brew alcoholic drinks that can actually make you drunk.

drink some water, you look thirsty

Hide Your Fire adds thirst to go with hunger. Stay hydrated, or you’ll run into trouble – and eventually death.

Craft bottles, fill up on water – even purify snow in a furnace.

But keep an eye on your thirst bar.

open a store

– coming soon –

Got stuff to sell? Right on. You can sell directly to the server shops in the server city of Beyrun, or open your own store.

Or a tavern. I mean, since you can brew ales, right?