Update – opening soon

We’re about ready to open the doors again.

The map was saved. Your builds, bases, and things in chests are still there.
Your location and home bed are not saved. That means you’ll spawn right back at coords 0,0. If you have a base far away, you’ll have to walk it.

The server will unlock sometime on Friday afternoon pacific time. When that happens, you’ll be able to log in and hoof it to your new base. For 24 hours, thirst will be disabled and mobs will be on normal difficulty. The map has been updated, and should help you find coordinates for your base. The map shows them in the URL – find where you want to go, then you’ll have the coords to get there.

Get to your base, sleep in a bed, and you should be good to go. By Sunday at noon pacific time, the mob difficulty and thirst will be back – along with diseases. The overall difficulty will inch up a bit more.

My apologies on the server crash! I’ve started up a new bi-weekly full server backup (not just the map) that should put us in better footing.

Happy mining!

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TIMELINE (pacific standard time)

Fri early afternoon
Server re-opening
Thirst disabled
Mobs on normal difficulty

Sun @ 12pm
Thirst re-enabled
Mob levelling difficulty back on high
Diseases enabled