New server, Stables and SimpleClans are back

On Sunday evening – one of the lowest usage times for Hide Your Fire – I migrated our server on to new hardware. This is a big step up, letting us improve performance and giving us lots of room to add plugins and game modes.

As part of that process, I reactivated a few plugins that long time players here should recognize – Stables and SimpleClans.

I also switched out anti-grief tool CoreProtect over to a database system. This is really cool – it’s now using MySQL instead of a flat file. This makes it faster and lets us keep records longer. But I want able to import the old data.

If  we need some older data for roll  back, it’s available. But I’ll need to temporarily switch back to the legacy system to do it. If you need something restored, ask me directly. I suspect within a few weeks this will no longer matter.

We have a few more upgrades to go in the near future. I’m going to be installing faster SAS disks in the servers for speed and backups (RAID5, squee) but hopefully these upgrades will be transparent to players.